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For a simple monthly subscription, our red team services will relentlessly launch realistic cyber attacks across the full scope of your brand, using digital, physical and social methods.


We don’t play by the rules

Although we’ll always abide by the clearly defined circumstances under which we launch our simulated attacks on your organization, there are rules we don’t play by.

While your systems will never be at any genuine risk, we will act just like a real bad actor. It’s the only way to disclose breach points in your organization’s constantly-evolving attack surface.


Red teaming accredited by CREST

Our red team services are delivered by a vetted, fully-employed and multitalented global team of ethical hackers.  

Their collective expertise was instrumental in our full accreditation by the Council for Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST) for Simulated Targeted Attack and Response. And we’re one of only a few cyber vendors in the world to achieve this for our red teaming services. 

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The collective hive mind of our Swarm of ethical hackers is incorporated on our attack surface management portal – a library of discovered vulnerabilities and live attack surface mapping which can, in real time, direct them to any areas of a business and enable them to stay on top of their constantly evolving attack perimeter.

For our clients, this proprietary offensive exploration engine delivers significant value via long-term insights and instant access to each of our cyber attack simulations.

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Attackers don’t rest. neither do we.

Cyber attacks are a constant threat. This is why testing on a six or twelve month cycle is no longer enough. Our subscription-based approach means the value delivered by our constant red team assault on your organization will be non-stop.

Via the CovertSwarm Portal you’ll have complete control over which areas of your business are attacked.  We’ll respect boundaries and never place your systems in any genuine danger. But we can’t promise we’ll always play by the traditional rules of testing.  

CovertSwarm subscription includes

  • Constant cyber attack insights delivery
  • Access to the CovertSwarm Portal
  • Monthly ethical hacker time
  • Dedicated account management via a senior CovertSwarm ethical hacker
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The value of confidence

Starting from less than the cost of a single internal security hire, we have cybersecurity solutions for companies of all sizes, from SMEs up to enterprises, including discounted rates for public institutions, charities and B Corps.

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Our services

Successful organizations are constant targets for malicious actors. Those who take security seriously don’t test their defenses once a year, they subscribe to CovertSwarm to attack continuously through our services.