What is vulnerability scanning?

Our vulnerability scanning service uses proactive techniques and sophisticated tools to identify weaknesses in an organization’s application, system, or network. By employing a vulnerability scanning service frequently, you can ensure many potential risks are identified and prioritized as promptly as possible. Network vulnerability scanning is crucial if you hope to identify and address potential weaknesses before malicious actors can exploit them for themselves. 

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Our approach to scanning vulnerability services

In a matter of minutes, the livelihood of your business could be at risk. Hackers could target your brand and try to bring about your downfall. Malicious actors are aware that with extensive growth comes extensive risk, and they’re prepared to pounce at any opportunity they get.

We do much more than identify your vulnerabilities. We teach you how to fix them and ensure they never jeopardize your security posture again. Need us to drill into the reported findings and see if we pushed the door hard enough? Not a problem.

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Our relentless swarm of ethical hackers employ CREST-approved techniques to conduct a range of internal and external scans. It’s a holistic perspective that allows you to make informed and actionable decisions. With our service, you’ll access valuable insights into the advantages and disadvantages of vulnerability scanning as well as how these may affect your system. 

“We are really happy with CovertSwarm as our external RED team.”

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Constant cyber attack via subscription

For a simple monthly fee, our dedicated team of ethical hackers will constantly attack the full scope of your brand using digital, physical and social methods.

And when we find a way to breach your organization, we’ll raise the alarm before a real threat succeeds.


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Just as your security defenses must evolve to keep pace with organizational change, so must your approach to cyber attack.

With most security breaches occurring many days prior to detection, effective simulated assaults must be constant. It’s the only way to counteract an APT and avoid zero-day exploits.

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It’s not just your systems and applications which are susceptible to threat. Your people are too. Staff members are one of the most common breach points for successful cyber attacks.

That’s why, thinking beyond the digital, we’ll seek to exploit previous unexplored weaknesses in your physical and social environments too.


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Protection from threats both inside and out.

Stop worrying about which vulnerability scan types you should invest in and start covering all bases of your security system. Scan for website vulnerabilities and other external networks while still prioritizing internal types of vulnerability scanning.

Gain peace of mind with CREST-approved service delivery

We follow a rigorous methodology that adheres to the highest standards of security practices. Our swarm of talented ethical hackers and their relentless approach is designed to instill confidence in your organization’s security.

Benefits of our vulnerability scanning service

Deep insights and palpable results.  

Reports should inform, not overwhelm you. That’s why we only deliver insights that cut through the noise. We won’t drown you in a sea of meaningless data, we’ll provide managed vulnerability scanning that generates palpable results and focuses on your genuine points of breach.

Malicious threats are constant. So are we. 

Disaster can strike at any time. Malicious threats are constant, and we guarantee hackers won’t wait around to attack when you’re ready. Cyber risk threats are imminent and constant, but so are we. 

Find the weakest link in your system. 

You’re only as strong as your weakest link. Use vulnerability scanning solutions to your advantage to find and fix vulnerabilities in your system before malicious actors get the chance to.   

Features of our vulnerability scanning service

Diverse team with multiple skill sets. 

With a diverse vulnerability management scanning team by your side, you can conduct a deep dive into your system to uncover every hidden weakness. With our wide range of skill sets and decades of collective experience, you’ll cover all bases of the security system. 

Real time updates and reports. 

When a vulnerability management scan raises red flags, you need to be alerted as soon as possible to mitigate the potential risk. Our vulnerability scan results can be accessed in real time, so you’ll always be one step ahead of malicious actors. 

Great as a one-off, even better as a subscription. 

The importance of vulnerability scanning never diminishes. That’s why our vulnerability scanning solutions are great as a one-off, but even better as a subscription. You can conduct vulnerability management scanning on a regular basis to ensure you’re always benefiting from the highest level of security possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does vulnerability scanning work?

A vulnerability assessment scan aims to proactively identify and preemptively rectify potential security weaknesses in the infrastructure of a company or organization. We don’t just detect hidden flaws in your system, we add context and depth to our reporting, so you gain a full understanding of what’s going on. 

 How often should vulnerability scans be performed?

How often do you want to let your guard down and be susceptible to a breach? The frequency of tests depends on the size, complexity and rate of change  of your organization’s IT infrastructure. 

The more regular your vulnerability scan management, the greater the strength of your security posture. Opting for a monthly subscription service is the most effective way to assure you cover all bases and close the impending threat of the cyber risk gap. 

What’s the difference between vulnerability scanning and penetration testing?

Vulnerability scan, penetration test; both are essential components of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. However, it’s important to note the differences between penetration testing and vulnerability scanning.

Vulnerability tests check for known exposures and report potential vulnerabilities. This type of scan can be used to identify a lack of security controls or common system misconfigurations. 

Penetration testing is a more vigorous examination with a broader scope. It entails a more hands-on examination and attempts to infiltrate the entire system through security gaps. For optimal results, it’s recommended that you undergo both penetration testing and vulnerability scanning regularly. 

 Is vulnerability scanning legal?

Yes, when performed with the target’s consent, vulnerability management scanning is completely legal. In fact, this procedure can help reinforce your security posture and ensure you improve compliance with security standards and regulations. 

Why is vulnerability scanning important?

When it comes to developing a strong cybersecurity strategy, taking a proactive stance is imperative. Through infrastructure vulnerability scanning, you can identify potential weaknesses in your security system and fix them before malicious actors have the chance to exploit them for themselves. 

What’s the difference between an internal and external vulnerability scan?

To ensure complete coverage of your security system, it’s important to consider the differences between internal and external vulnerability scanning.

Internal vulnerability scanning consists of scanning the internal network to identify vulnerabilities accessible by staff or other authorized personnel and external vulnerability scanning involves an external approach and identifies vulnerabilities that are visible from the internet.


How much does a vulnerability scan cost?

The price of vulnerability scanning services depends on the size, complexity, and scope of your IT infrastructure, as well as the level of detail required in the report. Nevertheless, the vulnerability scanning cost is a small price to pay for a secure and protected network.


Can I just use a vulnerability scanning tool instead?

Although vulnerability scanning tools are a great place to start, they won’t give you the same comprehensive outlook on your security defense. At most, this vulnerability scanning tool may identify a few flaws in your system. Will it be able to identify even the most minuscule or deep-rooted threat? After you scan for vulnerabilities, you need expert knowledge to figure out how to close the cyber risk gap in your security system, which a tool of that caliber cannot answer.

Will a vulnerability scan show me what to fix?

Vulnerability scanning software can highlight where potential security holes are hidden, but it won’t tell you what to do to fix it. That’s why vulnerability scanning solutions work best when accompanied by a team of experts who are ready to upskill employees and provide remediation recommendations. 

What are some vulnerability scanning best practices?

One of the vulnerability scanning frequency best practices is to conduct scans as regularly as you can. Aim to combine penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and other techniques to reinforce your security stance as best as possible.

Once you cover the network and scan websites for vulnerabilities, it’s important to take action. Address your vulnerabilities as quickly as possible and test patches before implementing new upgrades.

Some of the best practices for Kubernetes vulnerability scanning include regularly updating to the latest versions and limiting access to sensitive resources.

When it comes to different types of vulnerability scanning and the best practices, the best way to go about this is by focusing on a customized approach tailored to your unique needs.

Our services

Successful organizations are constant targets for malicious actors. Those who take security seriously don’t test their defenses once a year, they subscribe to CovertSwarm to attack continuously through our services.