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The team at CovertSwarm is driven by a single objective –  


To constantly compromise the security of our clients through deep detection of blind spots within their cyber defences and technology stacks before real threat actors are able to exploit them. 


Our continuous client-focused cyber intelligence gathering, simulated attack, clear vulnerability reporting and follow-up 'Purple Team' education service challenges the status quo of a cyber market that is ripe and in need of modernisation. 


Organisations seeking higher degrees of cyber assurance and security confidence than those offered by ‘snapshot’ penetration testing and red team engagements are increasingly partnering with us. They agree that ‘point in time’ testing is no longer enough to secure their organisations, and it is through this shared ethos that CovertSwarm challenges everything that is considered ‘standard’ in today’s cyber vendor market. 

We are not a penetration testing consultancy, red team agency or bug bounty hunter.  


We offer a modern, continuous ethical hacker-led approach to enhancing enterprise security through a blend of constant cyber research and attack that is enhanced through our proximity to our client’s teams, knowledge of their business models, and the remedial education that we deliver each time we compromise their defences. 


Our founding team and swarm of ethical hackers only include passionate and experienced individuals whose depth of technical and commercial knowledge, diverse hacking skills and real-world cyber battle scars result in a hive of talent that is unique, effective and provides a highly-compelling alternative to clients seeking a modern approach to securing themselves against modern forms of cyber attack. 


We are covert by nature, growing through private network referral and cyber community knowledge exchange. Our team members are our greatest resources, and our client’s technology estates our most closely-guarded assets. 


Don’t speak to consultants. Speak to CovertSwarm, today. 

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Our CREST-accredited service and Swarm of ethical hackers include some of the most talented and highly-accredited people in the cyber industry. All fully-employed and vetted by us.

Offensive Security Certified
Expert (OSCE)

Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)

CREST Certified Tester (CCT)

TigerScheme Senior Security Tester (Tiger SST)

CREST Registered Penetration
Tester (CRT)

CREST Practitioner Security
Analyst (CPSA)

NCSC CHECK Team Leader (CTL)


ISO 27001 Leader Auditor

At CovertSwarm our mission is to secure the world's most progressive organisations through constant cyber attack. To achieve this we continually invest in our people via unlimited training opportunities and budget to ensure that their skillset stays at the very peak of our industry's ability.

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Our Hives constantly swarm around our client's assets, looking for a new way to compromise them.


If you love cyber security but are currently held-back and uninspired to do great work every day in the best and fastest growing industry in the world…then we want to hear from you.


We don’t need applicants with an alphabet of certifications. We want to meet talented cybersecurity professionals and software engineers with practical experience and a deep passion for cyber compromise. Unlike the typical production line approach of some cybersecurity businesses, you won’t be juggling an overwhelming array of Penetration Test / Red Team projects. Instead, you’ll be working with a select number of high-profile clients and constantly challenging their perimeter security, people, processes and more.


Aside from working with some of the most talented and passionate people in the industry we can also offer you:


  • A remote role (working from anywhere in the world) with only the need to travel to client sites when in-person meetings are required.

  • A culture born of vulnerability research. Reporting missing http headers and SSL/TLS weaknesses is just ‘noise’. We focus on the actual Sting and continually look for new ways to breach our clients.

  • We get the job done but that doesn’t have to be 9-5.

  • We all go to DEF CON, every year (well, when it’s not cancelled).

  • Unlimited Training – if it’s relevant and will help you, your Hive and CovertSwarm to better Sting our clients.

  • Unlimited Holiday – We all need downtime, take it, whenever you need it. There are no prizes for burnout. 

  • If you speak at a major hacker/infosec event/con, we’ll pay your expenses and give you a bonus. We want to give back to this great community that continues to help us all.

  • No politics - we are radically candid with one another, always.


We pay good salaries, have a progressive culture and our Board are hackers too.

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We are passionate about constantly compromising client security


Every action we take achieves this by brilliant team members driving a continuum of offensive security operations that deliver focused research, development, attacks and value.


Service excellence fanatics


We sleep well at night knowing that we each deliver an exceptional service to our clients that continually elevates their security assurance and maturity levels.


We are Radically Candid

We care personally and challenge directly. We are always open in our interactions. Our people are everything, we always do the right thing, and we support each other, always.


Stronger together

We enjoy working hard and driving towards collective growth, not personal gain. When our Hives grow, we all grow individually and professionally. We welcome team players, not egos.


Avoid 'Group Think’


We debate and challenge each other to avoid a ‘group think’ mentality. Data and experience drive our decision making. We strive for the right answers that are in-line with our values. Once a decision is made, we commit and move in the same direction together.


Infinite mindset

We continually build, evolve and grow CovertSwarm. We are never done.


Time > Money

Utilise technology to maximise your most valuable asset: your time. Automate
wherever possible.


We will never allow ourselves to become dinosaurs

We read, study, listen, present, teach and give back to the cyber community from which we all draw and benefit.