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Expert red team and pentest cyber services

"Your best defence is your worst enemy."

They say you should keep your friends close, but your enemies closer — and CovertSwarm is your worst nightmare. A specialist red team of penetration testers, we attack relentlessly - via subscription - from every angle to hit your brand where it hurts again, and again, and again. If there’s a weak spot in your app, we’ll find it. If an update exposes a vulnerability, we’ll spot it. And we’ll raise the alarm fast, before anyone can break in.

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"CovertSwarm have helped support numerous cyber research pieces for the BBC."
Researcher, BBC Studios, The Documentary Unit

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Booming brands like yours are at the top of attackers’ hit lists. Why? Because you’re growing faster than your security can keep up. Fissures appear every time you make a change, upgrade or roll out a new feature. And attackers won’t wait around until next year’s pen testing to crack them wide open. 

Neither will we. CovertSwarm launches daily assaults on everything you’ve got. Then we report our findings in real-time in our Offensive Operations Centre. This is your online cyber threat portal, giving you total visibility of weak spots, breaches, and at-risk areas 24/7. It’s all there. So when we raise the alarm, you can see it in minutes — and act fast.

"In the hostile world we live in, where security breaches make the news daily, it gives me far greater confidence that our company can stand up to real-world attacks with CovertSwarm as a partner."
CTO, Automotive Retail Disrupter

Offensive Operations Centre

Go on the continuous offensive


Expose hidden and evolving risks


Tackle new threats in real-time


Protect your brand from every angle

Red Team as a Service


CovertSwarm is a specialist cyber squad of ruthless red teamers, pentesters and ethical hackers. We simulate real-life attacks on your systems, using a combination of red teaming and proof-of-concept penetration testing to assault your business over, and over, and over. Under your orders, we'll hit where it hurts — often in places you didn't realise you were exposed.

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The nightmare’s over. For now. With brands like yours, new risks and vulnerabilities turn up all the time, so we’ll be back again tomorrow, the day after, and the day after that. Week after week, use our intelligence to strengthen your brand and deflect future attacks, and use our training and reporting to upskill your teams. 

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When we find a gap in your defences, we’ll raise the alarm in our Offensive Operations Centre (OOC). Access our platform anytime, anywhere to get powerful insights into your biggest risks and weak spots and build a continuous picture of your organisation and where the holes lie. Because if you don’t fill them, you’re bound to fall down them.

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