Plans and pricing

Starting from less than the cost of a single internal security hire, we have cybersecurity solutions for companies of all sizes, from SMEs up to enterprises, including discounted rates for public institutions, charities and B Corps.

Red team as a service

Custom price

Our flagship continuous service. Designed for organizations with established penetration testing and red teaming programs wanting to simulate real-world cyber attacks to close their cyber risk gap.

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This ‘Constant Cyber Attack’ package includes:

  • Context-aware testing
  • Co-curated ‘Attack Plans’
  • Unlimited, scalable cyber attacks
  • Access to the complete range of CovertSwarm ethical hacker skillsets
  • Dedicated Account Management via a senior CovertSwarm ethical hacker
  • Full CovertSwarm Portal access including ‘Direct the Swarm’ real-time direction capabilities
  • Automated Attack Surface Management
  • Complete-brand targeting – no ‘limited scopes’
  • Tech, staff, process, and physical location testing
  • Road-map aligned, ‘open book’ approach
  • Deep-dive R&D tailored to your tech stack
  • Client team debriefing, education workshops, and remediation advisory services
  • Constant Slack access to our Swarm
  • JIRA Integration

One-off engagement

From £1,500/$1,800 PER DAY

Ad-hoc and regulatory penetration test or one-time red team engagement by our expert ethical hackers, suitable for fixed-outcome requirements and scoped tests, which can be fully adapted to diverse needs.

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The package includes:

  • ‘Scoped’ cyber attack – sized to your requirements
  • Direct access to a CovertSwarm ethical hacker
  • Slack integration for ‘live chat’ throughout our engagement
  • 30-day access to our CovertSwarm Portal
  • Full vulnerability reporting & remediation management
  • External attack surface mapping
  • Phishing, Ransomware simulation, and Infrastructure and Web Application Testing
  • Traditional penetration test report output
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