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CovertSwarm works with 100+ brands, of all sizes, around the world.

We have cyber solutions designed for SMEs up to Enterprises, including discounted rates for public institutions, charities and B Corps.

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Ad-hoc and regulatory penetration test or red team engagements only.

Suitable for scoped tests and fixed-outcome requirements, on a non-continuous engagement basis.

Starting from

£1,500 / $1,700 USD per day

This scalable service includes:

'Scoped' cyber attack - sized to your requirements

Direct access to a CovertSwarm ethical hacker

Slack integration for 'live chat' throughout our engagement

30-day access to our Offensive Operations Centre


Full vulnerability reporting & remediation management

External attack surface mapping


Phishing, Ransomware simulation, and Infrastructure and Web Application Testing

Traditional penetration test report output


Starting from less than the cost of a single internal security hire.

Our flagship continuous service. Designed for organisations with established Penetration Testing & Red Teaming programs wanting to simulate real-world cyber-attacks to close their cyber risk gap.

This premium service includes:

Context-aware testing


Co-curated 'Attack Plans'

Unlimited, scalable cyber attacks


Access to the complete range of CovertSwarm ethical hacker skillsets

Dedicated Account Management via a senior CovertSwarm ethical hacker

Full Offensive Operations Centre access including ‘Direct the Swarm’ real-time direction capabilities

Automated Attack Surface Management (ASM)

Complete-brand targeting - no 'limited scopes'

Tech, staff, process, & physical location testing

Road-map aligned, ‘open book’ approach

Deep-dive R&D tailored to your tech stack

Client team debriefing, education workshops, and remediation advisory services

Constant Slack access to our Swarm

JIRA Integration

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