What is password strength testing?

Your password is your first line of defense, so you better make it count. Modern computing can attack poorly configured authentication systems in seconds, resulting in costly breaches, false impersonation, and reputational damage.

Most people reuse their passwords. One security breach is all it takes. In fact, yours is probably already out there. Shall we take a quick look on the dark web and see? Maybe we should try them against your internet-connected services right now… Worried about what we may find? That’s your sign to test password strength and make sure your login credentials are impenetrable.

Password strength testing is a straightforward way to improve your security stance and mitigate the risk of unauthorized access. If you have a chink in your armour, our password strength check will identify your weakness and suggest changes to ensure maximum protection.

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Our approach to password strength testing

Have our team of experts explore the passwords used in your system. Let us weed out the weakest links in your security stance and give you the tools to strengthen your digital defense.

Not only will we check password strength, but we’ll help you understand the risks you face and whether your policies are harming your security posture and culture. We ensure company login credentials meet all the necessary password strength requirements.

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We will work tirelessly

Just like malicious hackers, we will work tirelessly. But instead of exploiting your vulnerabilities, we help you identify them and provide tailored solutions to help you stay ahead of potential threats. 

“We are really happy with CovertSwarm as our external RED team.”

COO and Co-founder, IT services and consulting company.

Constant cyber attack via subscription

For a simple monthly fee, our dedicated team of ethical hackers will constantly attack the full scope of your brand using digital, physical and social methods.

And when we find a way to breach your organization, we’ll raise the alarm before a real threat succeeds.


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Just as your security defenses must evolve to keep pace with organizational change, so must your approach to cyber attack.

With most security breaches occurring many days prior to detection, effective simulated assaults must be constant. It’s the only way to counteract an APT and avoid zero-day exploits.

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It’s not just your systems and applications which are susceptible to threat. Your people are too. Staff members are one of the most common breach points for successful cyber attacks.

That’s why, thinking beyond the digital, we’ll seek to exploit previous unexplored weaknesses in your physical and social environments too.



Ready to be hacked? For a demo of our services or to get a quote, just get in touch.

Don’t Leave the Front Door Open: Authorized Access Only

Refusing to check password strength is like closing the door to your office and leaving it unlocked. Fortify your first line of defense with comprehensive password strength testing and limited access to authorized personnel only.

Security Starts with Education: Empower Your Employees

Security is a joint responsibility. If employees don’t have the knowledge or skills needed to protect your business from potential threats, how can you expect them to do so? We’ll teach you how to test password strength and keep hackers at bay.

Benefits of password strength testing

You’re only as strong as your weakest password.

Amp up the security in your first line of defense and ensure no hacker can crack your complex passwords. Keep your sensitive data in the hands they were intended to be.

Gain collective intelligence from a single hire.

Our swarm of ethical hackers are experienced and trustworthy. Gain all the insight you desire starting from less than the cost of a single internal security hire.

Your secrets are safe with us.

For us, client confidentiality is key. In the face of relentless cyber-attacks, you can trust us to keep your secrets safe even, and your security even better protected.

Features of password strength testing

Human error is inevitable, weak passwords aren’t.

Employees may not intend to put your security at risk, but their actions may inevitably do so. Let us scope out the passwords in your system until we leave no stone unturned. After a comprehensive password strength check, we’ll recommend the best password practices and support you in shaping stronger policies.

Our testing isn’t once or twice, it’s continuous.

Hackers won’t give up after the first try and neither will we. We will continuously test password strength and its pertaining systems again and again, so you can rest assured your policies are effective and maintain a strong security posture.

We attack from all angles, so you’ll be prepared for any potential breach.

Whether it’s brute-force attacks or easily guessed passwords, we’ll attack from every angle. Our offensive cybersecurity services know no boundaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is password strength?

Password strength is the ultimate differentiator. It evaluates how long it would take a hacker to guess your login credentials or simply reveal them in a string of brute-force attacks. Weak passwords take less time to crack. Strong passwords can take decades to decipher. 10 seconds or 10 years; password security strength ensures the latter.

How do I create a strong password?

The strength of password combinations relies on several factors. To maximize your level of safety, avoid using sequential numbers or letters and facts about your life that are easy to remember.

Instead, create a combination of at least twelve letters, numbers, and symbols. Use multi-factor authentication. Think of a passphrase rather than a password. Use unrelated words or create a string of letters that can’t be found in the dictionary. Think outside the box.

Read our blog to find out how to create a strong password.

What are the characteristics of a strong password?

Some simple password strength rules to follow include: 

  • 12 characters or more. 
  • No use of repetition.
  • No sequential numbers or letters. 
  • Unique passwords that have never been used before. 
  • Combinations of lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols. 
  • Unrelated phrases or words that cannot be found in the dictionary. 
How long should my password be to be considered strong?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology recommends an 8 to 10-character minimum, but we like to go above and beyond. If you want to keep hackers guessing for years to come, pick a password with 12 characters or more.

What is a password manager, and should I use one?

A password manager is a tool that can be used to create, store, and synchronize complex passwords across numerous devices. It’s a convenient way to boost your cybersecurity stance, especially if you have a hard time remembering various 12-character combinations of random letters, numbers, and symbols.

By all means, make the most of a password manager. Just make sure it’s linked to a secure email account and enable multi-factor authentication for an added layer of protection.

How often should I change my passwords?

If the test strength of password comes back with flying colors, stick to that code, and let it serve its purpose. You should only change your password if you suspect it has been compromised.

Some company policies ask employees to reset their passwords regularly. This IT policy does more harm than good. When staff change their passwords, they usually only change a character or two. Some even choose combinations that are simpler and easier to guess than before.

What are some common password mistakes to avoid?

If you want to pass the password strength test, there are some common mistakes you need to avoid. Don’t include: 

  • Your name, date of birth, or age. 
  • Your family members’ names, or birthdays. 
  • Your pet’s name. 
  • The word password. 
  • Words related to your personal interests, hobbies, or job. 
  • Information about your hometown, country, or personal address. 
  • Variations of previous passwords. 
  • Sequences in letters or numbers like 123 or qwerty. 
Is it necessary to use special characters in my password?

Special characters are an essential metric to consider when learning how to measure password strength. Substituting letters with symbols can make it harder for hackers to guess your password. For example, use “$” for “s” or “@” for “a”.


How can I check if my password has been compromised?

Wondering if a hacker has already found their way into your account because you didn’t bother to check the strength of your password? It may have already happened.

Companies don’t like to announce when their security has been breached. They won’t shout it from the rooftops. Your stolen data could already be out there for the world to see.

If you want to see for yourself, head to a website like HaveIBeenPwned, or Google password check-up. Use that same password for multiple sites? It’s time to learn how to test password strength and start taking your security seriously.

Our services

Successful organizations are constant targets for malicious actors. Those who take security seriously don’t test their defenses once a year, they subscribe to CovertSwarm to attack continuously through our services.