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Your relentless cyber security solutions provider

Utilising a combination of cyber and physical penetration testing, social engineering, ethical hacking, alongside red teaming techniques, we assault your organisation from every conceivable angle to test the strength of your defences and highlight your vulnerabilities — before anyone else notices the cracks. And we don’t just strike once, then write up a report.


Our subscription-based approach continuously compromises your defences and puts your technology, processes, and people through their paces. We then paint a real-time, ever-updating picture of your unique vulnerabilities and points of breach. Because in a modern, 24/7 world, you need cyber security that can keep up.


With red teaming as a service, we’ll continuously research your tech stacks, processes and teams to find holes in your defences. Then we’ll launch our attacks: from phishing campaigns and cyber exploit techniques to uncovering your unique zero day vulnerabilities.

And once we’ve attacked, we’ll educate, sharing all the vulnerabilities we find, alongside clear remediation recommendations with your teams.


So the more dangerous we get — the stronger you become. 

Image by Jefferson Santos
Image by Dlanor S


Our ethical hackers use a blend of logical and lateral thinking — alongside the latest vulnerability research — to constantly challenge your defences and in turn, improve your security posture to reduce the risk of malicious attacks.


Our Swarm is fully employed and vetted by us, backed by decades of collective experience and driven to enhance — not exploit — your security. Plus, by emulating the behaviours of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and state-sponsored groups, we help you stay a step ahead of genuine attackers and cyber criminals — neutralising threats before they intensify. 


Penetration testing is a mature, well-adopted method of exposing vulnerabilities. But point-in-time penetration testing just can’t keep up with your ever-changing, ever-updating technology, applications and processes. By the time the report’s in your hands, it’s yesterday’s news.


That’s why CovertSwarm conducts sustained cyber and physical penetration testing — even covertly accessing your real-world business premises to seek out vulnerabilities. If there’s a weak spot, we’ll find it — before anyone else has the chance. 

Image by Philipp Katzenberger
Image by Dylan Gillis


CovertSwarm is a groundbreaking approach to cyber security. We don’t believe in running red teaming or pen testing engagements a couple of times a year, or just to placate the shareholders. We constantly, unstoppably, relentlessly compromise your cyber security over weeks and months. Because every update you make to your applications, each new product, and every new team member could offer your attackers a way in. 


We’re your worst nightmare. We’re your greatest ally. And we’re ready to mobilise. 

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