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TechRound names CovertSwarm among the Top 20 Cybersecurity companies

The leading tech publisher recently released its inaugural Cybersecurity40 winners, celebrating the most innovative cybersecurity companies and initiatives across the UK and Europe.

SEPTEMBER 2023 – London, UKCovertSwarm, the world’s most effective ethical hacker, red team, and cybersecurity solution provider, has been named among the top 20 cybersecurity companies in Europe by TechRound.

TechRound, a leading global tech publisher, recently conducted its inaugural Cybersecurity40 competition to find and discover the most innovative cybersecurity companies and initiatives.

After receiving hundreds of applications from across Europe, it has been announced that CovertSwarm has placed 19th to be firmly recognised as a leader and effective cybersecurity solution provider, with the global provision of the Offensive Operations Center (OOC) standing out among the judging panel.

The recognition comes just three years after the organization was set up. This news comes just weeks after CovertSwarm became the youngest company to receive investment from Beech Tree Private Equity and be adopted into its portfolio.

Speaking about being TechRound’s award, Anders Reeves, Founder and CEO at CovertSwarm, said: “Our goal from the very beginning has been to challenge the traditional way Attack Surface Management and ethical hacking is done across our industry and become a force for good in a complicated industry.

“The business has rapidly scaled. We’ve been aggressive in our approach to become not just one of the most innovative cybersecurity solution providers but the most effective. We fully employ Swarm members positioned across the world radically redefining how enterprise security risks are discovered and treated. 

“Over the last 12 months, we have successfully rolled out our free-to-all Offensive Operations Center to the world and launched the Academy Program. We have even larger ambitions for the future and with the help of Beech Tree, we’re going to keep moving at pace. We’re scaling even faster to accelerate our development plans for our OOC platform and to remain one step ahead of the genuine “bad actors” out there.”

Headquartered in the US and UK, CovertSwarm’s disruptive approach to the cyber market continues to gain momentum, serving over a hundred global brands, millions of web services, and protecting software delivery to more than 20,000 education facilities. 

CovertSwarm addresses the limitations of outdated point-in-time penetration testing and red teaming approaches, providing a solution for organizations that move at a modern and accelerated pace, constantly releasing software, policy, and infrastructure changes.

What the judges said

“Cybersecurity is an increasingly important aspect in all of our lives, as more people become aware of the challenges and potential solutions. There are some wonderful companies in this space, doing some fabulous things and the innovation is clear to see. It’s been very insightful and interesting to see this so closely through this list. I’m sure many of these companies will go on to achieve amazing things in the cybersecurity space.“

– David Soffer, Founder and Editor-in-Chief at TechRound

“I was looking for a solution that meets a clear need and has wide application. There are a number that do that. All companies here deserve recognition for trying to make our lives safer and easier. They offer a variety of useful solutions, and at least 10 companies could have made the top spot.”

– Mark Brown, Founder at Psybersafe

“Of all the competitions I’ve judged so far, this was one of the most difficult. With cybersecurity dominating headlines almost daily, it’s no wonder so much innovation is flooding the sector. The competition for this one was fierce, so a massive well done to every company featured,”

– Dana Leigh, Editor at TechRound

For more information about the Cybersecurity40, click here. While CovertSwarm’s recognition page can be found here.