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CovertSwarm revolutionizes Attack Surface Management with launch of free Offensive Operations Center

Our new platform is the missing link that joins SaaS-identified vulnerabilities and the ability to validate risk through a seamless ‘one click’ submission for ethical hacker testing.

CovertSwarm, the leading global ethical hacker, red team, and cybersecurity solution provider, has today announced the launch of its  Offensive Operations Center (OOC) to the world – for free – to fundamentally disrupt and redefine the traditional Attack Surface Management (ASM) market by empowering organizations to outpace cyber threats.

The OOC is a centralized SaaS portal that seamlessly manages every aspect of an organization’s offensive security program. This unified all-in-one toolset offers both free and premium-level insights into clients’ ever-evolving attack surfaces. 

CovertSwarm’s industry-unique cyber product challenges costly ‘point’ solutions by providing immediate value to organizations, enabling them to gain a comprehensive understanding of their external attack surface in real-time, without incurring any costs.

This groundbreaking approach bridges the gap between Attack Surface Management products, SaaS-identified vulnerabilities, and the ability to validate and explore risks via CovertSwarm’s in-house red team. With just a simple ‘one click’ submission, organizations can request CovertSwarm ethical hacker testing and targeted red team attacks, streamlining the cyber risk lifecycle and enhancing security measures.

Built upon CovertSwarm’s proven, and previously subscription-only, client platform, the OOC offers a range of features, including managing penetration testing, red teaming, offensive security delivery output, and control over target assets for CovertSwarm’s team of ethical hackers. Additionally, it provides the capability to curate future-facing CovertSwarm ‘Attack Plans’ that cover the full spectrum of digital, social, and physical security testing specialisms.

As part of the new free subscription offering, organizations can utilize the OOC for external asset discovery, passive vulnerability enumeration, and threat alerting. This empowers them to proactively safeguard their assets and swiftly respond to emerging risks.

Anders Reeves, CEO and founder of CovertSwarm, said: “Understanding what assets your organization has, and so needs to protect, is fundamental to executing a coherent security strategy. 

“The CovertSwarm Offensive Operations Center enables users to gain real-time attack surface insights, be provided with highly targeted vulnerability detection, and – I believe most importantly – solves how to seamlessly provide an interface for users to submit OOC discovered changes, assets, or suspected issues through to our Swarm of ethical hackers for deeper exploration. 

“No other platform offers this joined-up, quality of service and hybrid approach to offensive cybersecurity mapping and testing.”

Headquartered in the US and UK, CovertSwarm’s disruptive approach to the cyber market continues to gain momentum, serving over a hundred global brands, millions of web services, and protecting software delivery to more than 20,000 education facilities. 

CovertSwarm addresses the limitations of outdated point-in-time penetration testing and red teaming approaches, providing a solution for organizations that move at an accelerated pace, constantly releasing software, policy, and infrastructure changes.

Reeves further emphasized: “Working with some of the world’s biggest brands, our red team of ethical hackers and developers have created an offensive cyber SaaS platform that combines deep market intelligence and insights with a clear customer need. It is both innovative and highly disruptive to legacy cyber platform vendors. We are excited to see our Offensive Operations Center transform enterprise security in the cyber SaaS market.”

The CovertSwarm Offensive Operations Center serves as a comprehensive offensive security solution for information security managers and security operations center and blue team leaders across all enterprises. The platform is available for immediate registration and use, enabling organizations to enhance their security measures effectively.

Find out more about CovertSwarm’s Offensive Operations Center by clicking here.

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