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CovertSwarm launches in-house Academy Program

Socially-focused initiative has been designed to make a career in cybersecurity more accessible than ever before


SEPTEMBER 2023 – London, UKCovertSwarm, the world’s most effective ethical hacker, red team, and cybersecurity solution provider, proudly announces the launch of its Academy Program. 

With a socially-minded mission to provide a clear pathway for individuals from any background to pursue a career in cybersecurity, the program offers specialized training in core areas, equipping participants with the technical skills and mindset needed to become ethical hackers.

Open to applicants over the age of 18, and fully-paid, CovertSwarm’s two-year program, which starts in September, will select three academy recruits annually. Through mentorship, industry-recognized qualifications, and specialization in areas of interest, participants will be integrated into the dynamic world of red team operations as CovertSwarm Hive members.

Applications for the Academy Program are initially open to candidates in the UK, with an aim to expand this to a global reach in the next 12 months. The organization is excited to welcome its first three recruits this September.

Jack Smith, a CovertSwarm Hive Leader and owner of the Academy Program, said: “I got into cybersecurity through a graduate program myself, and one of my biggest frustrations at the time was trying to find a way in. It was really difficult coming fresh out of university because every time I spoke to someone, they’d ask for three years of experience, to go and work within a Blue Team, or gain experience some other way.

“That’s what spawned the CovertSwarm Academy. We want to give back to the cybersecurity community and do our bit to give people a way in when they don’t know where to turn.

“Technical skill is obviously core to what we do day-to-day, but that can be taught. What makes a great ethical hacker is their mindset, and that’s what we’re looking for when we interview candidates for the Academy. We’re trying to find those people who thrive on feeding their curiosity. Through the Academy, we’re giving them a platform to express it and build a fulfilling career at the same time!”

Iain Jackson, who has also developed the CovertSwarm Academy Program, also recently broke into the cybersecurity industry having previously worked in the hospitality and education industries. He added: “This is about allowing other people to take a completely different route into cyber, who have the same curiosity, who are showing every day that they have a deep passion to engage with it, but currently don’t see a route into the industry. 

“They may feel intimidated by the structures that are in place already, and that prevents them from feeling like there is a way in. It’s really important to me that we are appealing to as wide a range of people as possible as diversity drives our business and the security of our clients.

“The CovertSwarm Academy offers a special opportunity to those hungry to make it in cyber and perhaps don’t fit the traditional, arguably outdated, mould.”

About the Academy Program

CovertSwarm’s Academy Program offers comprehensive training in red team operations, covering ethical hacking, social engineering, and physical compromise. Rooted in the ethos of CovertSwarm, the program instills a mindset of continuous attack simulation, enabling participants to stay ahead of industry changes and counter Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

The program not only focuses on technical acumen but also emphasizes essential soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving in the cybersecurity realm. As participants, you will be mentored by CovertSwarm’s esteemed red team, receiving continuous support throughout your learning journey. Access to our unique Offensive Operations Center platform ensures real-time access to collective intelligence from our red team experts.

Graduates of the Academy Program will embark on an exhilarating career in red team operations with CovertSwarm. You will put your newfound skills into practice, conducting proactive security assessments and targeted simulated attacks to make a genuine difference for our customers.


As a member of CovertSwarm’s red team, your role will involve:

  • Acting as a business contact for CovertSwarm clients, fostering and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders and business partners. Ensuring client communication throughout the engagement and contract. 
  • Performing cyber security assessment activities against complex networks, applications, operating systems, wired/wireless networks, and mobile applications/devices. 
  • Developing and maintaining attack plans bespoke to each client to replicate an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). 
  • Creating high-quality actionable reports on security assessment results, providing detailed insights and recommendations. Conducting thorough debriefings with clients following the completion of assessments. 
  • Consulting with application developers, systems administrators, and management to demonstrate security assessment results, explain the threats presented, and provide guidance on remediation. 
  • Communicating security issues to a wide variety of internal and external “customers,” including technical teams, executives, risk groups, vendors, and regulators. 

Salary and Benefits: 

  • Starting Salary: £25,000 
  • Fully remote role, allowing you to work from anywhere in the world. 
  • Flexible working hours, as long as the job is done well and core meetings are attended online. 
  • Opportunity to attend DEF CON, the annual hacking conference. 
  • Access to necessary software, hardware, and research materials to perform your best. 
  • Unlimited training opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge. 
  • Unlimited holiday policy to prioritize your well-being and work-life balance. 
  • Financial support for presenting at major infosec events or hacker conferences. 
  • Transparent and open culture with no corporate politics, fostering honest communication. 
  • Competitive salaries and a supportive hacker-driven culture. 

For more information about the Academy or to submit your application, please email: [email protected].