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Are you a Cyber Rebel?

The cyber industry is saturated with security companies providing out-dated, snap-shot ‘Penetration Testing’, ‘Red Team’ and ‘Ethical Hacking’ services.

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As A Service’ (AAS) Overload – Providing Context to ‘AAS’ in Cybersecurity

It seems that most things in the technology world can be procured ‘As A Service’ today: we have ‘PenTest As…

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New Styles of Cyber Attack Detected against Businesses & Supply Chain Partners

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, CovertSwarm has detected a significant increase in the number of new and highly-targeted…

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Is your Penetration Testing Program delivering the value you expect to your business?

Penetration testing is delivered by certified and expert testers and is very likely to be part of your business’ security…

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Rattle the lock on your SOC’ – Time to constantly test your Security Operations Centre

Global IT spending is forecasted to reach $3.9 Trillion in 2020, and for good reason: 68% of business leaders feel…

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Rattle the lock on your SOC

With CovertSwarm support your SOC team can focus on better threat management, recovery, and remediation.

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Is your Security Operations Centre awake? Your adversaries are. And so are we.

It is time for conventional cyber security measures to be challenged. CovertSwarm’s Constant Cyber Attack service is the answer.

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The cyber risk of high-velocity product development

A skilled, engaged and lean software engineering team is a key asset for any successful online organisation.

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Annual Penetration Testing is no longer enough

The ‘annual penetration test’ has long been a cornerstone of cybersecurity defences for organisations of all sizes.