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Retail Penetration Test

What types of penetration testing do retail stores need?

The types of penetration testing that retail stores need will directly be linked to the assets they have and what they are trying to protect. Your retail store likely has a building control system, door access system and alarm system. All of these will most likely be network connected and as such, are a key target for a malicious hacker and should be part of your Penetration Testing Programme.

Point of Sale systems, as well as other connected devices, such as tills and computer systems, should be included in your Penetration Testing programme. Thinking broader - consider any compliance specific obligations you may have, such as those under the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). One area for example that's often overlooked in Retail Penetration Tests is a Penetration Test of the Wireless networks.

How penetration testing can protect your business?

Penetration Testing can protect your business because you are 'testing' the security of your organisation and attempting to expose vulnerabilities that may be exploited by a malicious hacker. Penetration testing is a key control that each and every business should consider. Often and only through penetration testing can you find the flaws which may lead to your organisation being breached.

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