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Simplify your vulnerability management workflow in Jira with the Offensive Operations Centre

Atlassian's Jira is an extremely popular platform for managing not only product development but workloads of different kinds within an organisation.

Organisations that use Jira for product development will have likely had past experiences raising, managing, and working on issues that stem from the result of a security assessment (that could be from penetration testing, red teaming, internal audits, or a simple vulnerability scan).

The process of ingesting these into Jira can be cumbersome especially in situations where a PDF document is provided as the sole output of an assessment.


Where CovertSwarm's integration for Jira can help you

Enhance your workflow

From the Offensive Operations Centre (OOC) any of the accumulated vulnerability data can be seamlessly linked to Jira issues. You can create these issues from vulnerabilities in bulk or one-by-one.

Manage vulnerability linking to Jira individually or in bulk

From within Jira itself you can see a high-level view of the issues (what they are, their severity, etc.) and link back to the OOC to see the results in more detail. This provides a bit more context without diluting the core information within a Jira issue, and without the need to provide access to multiple users to all of the data within the OOC.

View core details through Jira directly, or click through to the OOC

Developers can manage the vulnerability status within the OOC without themselves having an account through the use of the JIRA integration. Changing a status to 'QA', for example, will adjust the vulnerability (or many vulnerabilities, if linked) to the 'Review' status within the OOC. Similarly, vulnerabilities can be resolved when setting a resolution status in Jira.

How it all works

Due to the complexities and the vast number of customisable options within Jira, we've provided an option to configure the mapping of multiple statuses from the OOC's vulnerability statuses to those that are configured for your Jira projects.

When creating a new issue from the OOC you'll have a plethora of options that you can quickly select to start the issue workflow in Jira. These include the ability to:

Choose between different projects

Select a project from your Jira workspace to interact with

Optionally nest issues under an Epic

Optionally select an Epic to nest linked issues

Select a specific Issue type

Choose an issue type from any configured types

Optionally select an assignee

Select an optional assignee

Quickly customise the Summary and Description

Pre-templated text is generated for your new issue(s), which is fully customisable

This will allow for a more fine-tuned experience where you may have completely custom workflows configured within Jira.


Get started

If you already have an account to the Offensive Operations Centre and access to the Jira integration feature click here to install the application within Jira.

Once installed, you will be able to set up the installation and linking the Jira integration via a prompt through the Settings / Integrations page for your organisation.


Install the application within Jira

Validation for your Jira workspace is required, which can be accessed via the Get started button on the Manage apps page.

Navigate to your organisation's settings and follow the prompt to Link to Jira

Enter the unique ID into the prompt to confirm the link to Jira

If you would like to enquire about the Offensive Operations Centre please reach out to us via our contact form and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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