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Our first Employee Net Promoter Score in review

CovertSwarm ranked as one of the leading industry employers after recording our first ‘excellent’ score

After conducting our first internal Employee Net Promoter survey before Christmas, we’re pleased to share that we have been ranked among the industry’s leading employers for staff engagement.

Our goal as a start-up company was two-fold: we wanted to redefine the way organizations think about cybersecurity while we also wanted to establish a recognized leading culture for our employees to thrive in.

And following our first survey, we can reveal that CovertSwarm recorded an eNPS score of 59, ensuring the business is considered to be at the ‘excellent’ end of the industry scale (ranging from -100 to +100).

Some of the areas we particularly thrived in include how supportive our remote working environment is, the exciting products being developed and projects being worked on, the strong and transparent leadership in place, as well as career development opportunities and company benefits that are on offer.

Anders Reeves, CEO at CovertSwarm, said: “When founding CovertSwarm, we recognized the significance of cultivating a culture as noteworthy as our revolutionary cybersecurity proposition.

“From day one, our leadership instilled the mantra, ‘We will never allow ourselves to become dinosaurs,’ constantly driving us to pioneer an industry-leading culture where employees not only want to belong but also have the space to flourish and evolve.

“While we’re delighted with the positive eNPS score our team gave us, the invaluable feedback received will serve as a compass. It guides us in our ongoing journey to fortify and evolve the culture we aspire to build at CovertSwarm.”

More about the eNPS

The Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a metric that assesses employees’ job satisfaction by measuring their readiness to recommend their company to others.

It gives all employees the opportunity to anonymously feedback on all aspects of a business covering: Culture, People at Work, Leadership / Management, Atmosphere (Feeling), and Benefits.

CovertSwarm has committed to running this eNPS exercise every few months, as well as regular ‘employee wellbeing’ surveys to help the business understand how our employees are feeling and where any support may be needed from the leadership team.

If you would like to be part of this thriving Swarm please check our career page for new job openings.