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Episode 16 – Challenging the Attack Surface Management industry with special guest Adam Govier

Luke Potter interviews Adam Govier, Lead Developer of CovertSwarm’s Offensive Operations Center platform.

Previously only accessible to our subscription clients, July’s public-release of CovertSwarm’s Offensive Operations Center caters for the comprehensive offensive security needs of organizations ranging from single-domained businesses through to global enterprises.

In this in-depth and behind the scenes conversation Luke and Adam explore the Attack Surface Management industry, explain what it is, why it exists…and how it is ripe for disruption via the FREE access to cyber insights that CovertSwarm’s Offensive Operations Center SaaS platform delivers.

For instant access to CovertSwarm:

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  • Auto-recon of infrastructure assets
  • Slack and JIRA integration
  • MITRE & CWE aware reporting
  • Vuln data
  • Reporting
  • …or to simply buy and direct your latest pentest…

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