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Rattle the lock on your SOC

With CovertSwarm support your SOC team can focus on better threat management, recovery, and remediation.

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Is your SOC up to evolving challenges on the cyber landscape?

With CovertSwarm support your SOC team can focus on better threat management, recovery, and remediation.

SOC teams have to manage numerous sources of threat data and extract the useful information. They then leverage that data to effectively block or mitigate cybersecurity incidents by prioritisation of data relevant to their attack surface.

Avoiding alert fatigue and cyber false positives/negatives takes up a lot of bandwidth; this can enable cyber-criminals to compromise people, process, technology or physical locations and ultimately damage reputation.

Leverage SOC time and opportunity with CovertSwarm

CovertSwarm’s skilled ethical hackers give your SOC team back-up, support, long industry experience and niche insight

  • CovertSwarm’s targeted and constant cyber attack approach identifies blind spots in SOC and therefore enables them to quickly align your company with current cyber threats.
  • Our continuous external attacks back up your SOC team making defence proactive, not reactive.
  • Improve code, security, deployment, and documentation.

The cyber landscape changes and cyber-attack surfaces expand constantly

CovertSwarm offers focussed research and attack, not point in time pen tests. Your Offensive Operations Centre (OOC)dashboard keeps everyone up to date – no more PDFs or Excel Spreadsheets. This reduces the lag between discovery and notification, so SOC time is leveraged to focus on migration and remediation.

  • 2018: 12 million attacks in 6 months
  • 2019: 105 million attacks in 6 months, from 250,000 IP addresses
  • 2020: Up 30% already – that’s almost 150 million attacks so far this year

What CovertSwarm can do for you

Boost your SOC’s capability with CovertSwarm and stay ahead malicious threat actors.

  • Bridge the ‘cyber risk gap’ left behind by traditional ad-hoc pen tests and red team engagements – critical if your SOC, engineering practices and company’s security are to stay ahead.
  • Reduce the time taken to isolate a breach

We highlight risks and vulnerabilities so your SOC team is more focused to:

  • Mitigate risks;
  • Manage vulnerabilities;
  • Reduce the size of the attack surface.
  • Point in Time testing is no longer enough.

Point in Time testing is no longer enough

We are CovertSwarm.

  • Constant Cyber Attack
  • Remove the ‘Cyber Risk Gap’
  • Test your SOC (rattle the lock!)
  • Discover 0-day vulnerabilities in your tech stack
  • Share knowledge to expose hidden cyber risks