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Why is Python Used for Hacking?

Python is well-known as a fast, simple and easy, readable scripting or programming language. Those features make Python one of the most used languages for hacking, especially when it regards automated actions during the enumeration and exploitation phase.

Python with blue eyes

Where is Python used in hacking?

Python can be used targetting applications, services, protocols, processes, or even entire networks. Its simplicity and flexibility make this langued one of the most efficient exploit development programming languages, along with Ruby, Perl and C++.

One of the greatest things about Python is its expandability thanks to the massive amount of external and open source libraries that add to the vanilla python the ability to easily interact with protocols, custom services, cloud, process memory, and so on.

Is Python or C++ better for hacking?

There is no winner between Python and C++ talking about their application in hacking. Both are great programming languages that can cover different uses.

Python is more likely used to target web applications or services when efficiency is not one of the main requirements. It does a great job in any situation, but, sometimes, some action can be more time and resources consuming, compared to C++.

C++ lets the developer write memory and time-efficient code. However, it usually takes more time to develop a fully working program as well as additional lines of code if compared to Python.

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