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Pentesting is DEAD.

Traditional ‘snapshot’ penetration testing cannot keep pace with modern rates of business and technology change. It is underpinned by an ethos that “point in time” testing is enough. And this is no longer true.

Any cyber testing approach that ‘sets a scope’; adds a finite start date and end date; and delivers a ‘final’ report for you to consume at the end of the engagement ONLY delivers value for the moments that the testing occurred.

The results are out of date the moment they are published.

We call this result of legacy testing approaches the ‘Cyber Risk Gap’ – undetected security holes emerge and induce risk once testing ends simply because your organisation’s attack surface is constantly evolving through natural change.

Believing that your organisation is secure because an (immediately out of date) test the report says so is not an effective security posture; especially one whose damaging cyber blind spots could linger until the next ‘snapshot’ test in 6 or 12 months…and so the cycle of a false sense of security rotates another turn.

There is a better way.

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At CovertSwarm, we provide constant cyber-attacks and focused research. Our ethical hackers take a ‘10,000-foot’ view of your organisation’s cyber status, and continuously zoom in and zoom out in a relentless search to identify and exploit your organisation’s next point of cyber compromise – notifying you of the risks, and supporting their remediation as an extension to your inside team before genuine threat actors are able to exploit them.

With CovertSwarm your whole organisation is our scope. Anything that bears its name.

Through our targeted research and intelligence gathering, we filter the traditional ‘noise’ that is generated by legacy pen testing to help you and your team to focus upon remediating your unique zero-day vulnerabilities whilst maintaining (not slowing) the commercial rates of change that keep you competitive and thriving.

CovertSwarm’s ethical hackers began their careers delivering extensive offensive security, defensive security, penetration testing, red teaming and covert security operations. Our Swarm has over a centuries’ worth of practical experience between its members that continues to expand and gain sophistication and depth as it grows and our global client base increases.

Our Swarm is always watching, probing and keeping pace with our clients business – delivering cyber assurance and genuine commercial value to them. Every day.

Pentesting is DEAD. Long live CovertSwarm.

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