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SwarmCon 5 - meet our Hive Mind

Every few months CovertSwarm gathers our Swarm of ethical hackers from around the world to share and collaborate on the newest and most innovative methods we have discovered to compromise the security of our clients - organizations just like yours.

In this film a number of our multi-lingual Swarm share their thoughts on the latest CovertSwarm SwarmCon event, and how their enriched 'hive mind' is being applied to attack and - as a result - better secure your business' cyber security posture.

We found on one client a couple of GitHub repositories which were exposed and leaking sensitive information. We thought ‘we’re on to something here’ so we decided to spray the same attack approach around our other clients…and found exactly the same vulnerabilities existed. We took from one, single instance of an attack, and were able to hit half of our client base with the same level of attack just because we were able to share knowledge at that level.” - CovertSwarm, Hive Leader.

How can we better secure your organization?

We help stop genuine attackers in their tracks through a combination of constant red teaming, penetration testing and ethical hacking. In other words – we find the vulnerabilities and holes that a bad actor would exploit, then hand the information over to you, so you can take swift action before they are exploited. And through our subscription model, we’re relentless in our approach, meaning we go deeper and wider than anyone else to keep your data safe.

To find out what we do, book a demo or training, or call in our Swarm, get in touch today.

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