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The cyber risk of high-velocity product development

A skilled, engaged and lean software engineering team is a key asset for any successful online organisation.

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Led by a dedicated and experienced CTO, and supported by the watchful eye of a CISO, the team constantly supports the delivery of ambitious business targets for a C-Suite and Product Owners eager to see their newest features in production.

Your star software engineering team build product to support business growth. However, the pace at which they are required to deliver, and the positive rate of change that impacts your technology stack’s perimeter invariably creates risk: that of ever-increasing cyber exploitation.

Traditional approaches to reducing this constantly-morphing cyber risk have included pentesting, red team engagements and the addition of typically ineffective S/DAST tooling into product deployment pipelines. Ad-hoc pentests, ‘hackathon’ red team engagements and basic code quality checks are no longer sophisticated or targeted enough to ensure your product releases are maintaining optimal cyber security.

A wave of change is underway in the cyber security space, one that sees point-in-time pentest and red teaming superseded by targeted, intelligence-led ‘friendly fire’ cyber attack.

Constant, brutal and intense cyber attack.

CovertSwarm’s constant cyber attack service challenges your digital delivery teams and your cyber defences whilst driving positive security change – all from within the world’s most progressive brands. If you would like to learn more about how CovertSwarm’s continual enterprise cyber attack service can benefit your digital product delivery contact us.
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