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Video: An Ethical Hacker’s View on your Security (London CTOs)

Thanks to a recent client recommendation for CovertSwarm’s services to the London CTOs community, CovertSwarm was invited to present to the network where we discussed all things Pen Testing, Red Team and Cyber Attack related. A video of the presentation and Q&A can be viewed below:


Your business’ rate of change is accelerating. Can your security practices keep up?

Reinforcing the defences surrounding your customer’s data and your intellectual property whilst educating your people around the risks of cyber-attack and improving your business infrastructure are all necessary factors in maintaining an effective security posture.

But are you still stuck in the trap of investing in ‘point-in-time’ penetration testing whilst your business’ attack surface is CONSTANTLY changing?

In the roundtable, we talk all things “hacking” with Anders Reeves, Founder of CovertSwarm sharing notes, battle scars and more alongside one of our Hive Members – Elliott.

We take questions from the London CTOs community, who include CovertSwarm clients who each see the value we deliver through constantly and ethically hacking their systems, with the sole objective of us outpacing their genuine cyber threats.

CovertSwarm demonstrates how point-in-time cyber testing is no longer enough and how Constant Cyber Attack is the only way to outpace cyber threats. With examples from recent compromises of their customers they will tell you how:

  • There is such a thing as a free lunch.

  • How to make free money from online retailers’ shopping carts.

  • Compromising an administrative system as a self-registered customer is possible.

  • We (almost) detonated an industrial plant using nothing more than a laptop.

If you are concerned about the security of your data and want to know how a hacker would look to compromise your organisation, then be sure to watch.

Who should watch:

  • CTOs and leaders of tech companies who want to understand attacks from a hacker’s perspective.

  • Aspiring CTOs that have not had the time to focus on security until now.

  • Ethical hackers and security enthusiasts are keen to share opinions and stories.

Anders’ bio

Anders is an experienced technologist and business leader who has enjoyed a varied career spanning global brands including Sony PlayStation,, The PhotoBox Group and Gousto. Today, Anders leads a cyber security venture – CovertSwarm – whilst delivering board-advisory services around topics of technology, commercial strategy, cyber security and modern leadership methodologies. Based in the UK and France, Anders gets his energy from his young family and through scaling businesses, mentoring individuals and supporting the formation, growth and development of highly-engaged teams.

Elliott’s bio

Elliott has several years of reverse engineering, penetration testing and red teaming experience across a wide variety of sectors, industries, and countries. This included the successful delivery of high-quality engagements ranging from Industrial Control penetration testing against critical UK infrastructure to in-person red team engagements for financial service companies across the UAE, Singapore, China, and many others. Elliott is also regularly featured in the media and security press including numerous appearances on National TV.

Have more questions?

Speak to us today and we will happily answer any additional questions you have, whilst also providing you with some deeper insight into CovertSwarm’s Constant Cyber Attack service.