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CovertSwarm appoint former MD as Chairman of the Board

CovertSwarm, a leading global ethical hacking and cyber security provider, is pleased to announce they have appointed Dominic Cameron as Chairman of the Board.

He joins the team with three decades of experience as a C-level leader at digital and technology businesses and top European brands that include the BBC, ITV, Moonpig, PhotoBox, and

In his role as Non-Executive Chairman, Cameron will be acting as an advisor to build upon the already record-breaking growth at CovertSwarm.

Speaking on his appointment, Cameron said:

“I feel privileged to become involved with CovertSwarm. Their approach is something entirely new to the cyber testing and assurance market.

The people as a team, the culture it has created, the attitude to meeting modern challenges and connecting with the community of people globally who work in these problems is inspiring.”

He added:

“I’m very curious and love technology. My mind is a cabinet of curiosities and I love to interact with people who have that desire to explore, desire to discover and to make connections between things.”

Anders Reeves, CEO of CovertSwarm, added:

“Curiosity is a key value of ours. It’s something that we don’t believe you can teach. It’s something that’s either there or not when we look at people who wish to join our organisation or support us.

We’re constantly curious about our client’s environments, looking at them like a hacker would do, and in turn, using that curiosity to drive security improvement. Dominic has that in abundance.

That quality also drives our ability to go deeper than most when it comes to the offensive security side of what we offer to our clients. There’s a great synergy there and we’re very excited to welcome Dominic to the team.”

Cameron’s career includes a spell at the BBC, producing the likes of Panorama and working as an Executive Producer of Newsnight, involving storytelling and the application of modern technology to communications in media.

From there, Cameron was instrumental in the building of websites such as and BBC News Online.

Since then, Dominic has held the position of Chief Technology Officer at and later Managing Director at

Cameron’s first 25 years in digital from the 1990s were operational. He held notable positions at both as Chief Technology Officer and as Managing Director before moving to focus on portfolio-based work on a non-exec level as chairman over the last five years.

In these last five years, Cameron’s focus has mostly centred on the technology industry and working with companies where technology is to disrupt or transform.

Headquartered in both, London, U.K., and Delaware, U.S.A., the company is a renowned specialist red team of penetration testers that relentlessly tests the physical, social, and digital security of organisations across multiple sectors.

In a recent podcast interview on CovertSwarm’s official podcast, Cameron discussed the common characteristic of the organisations he has worked with, one where human behaviour is important in the mix, whether that’s in buying or, in the case of CovertSwarm, understanding the role human behaviour plays into the security landscape of organisations.