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CovertSwarm Hive member, Dario Tejada, shares knowledge to Spanish cybersecurity community

Late last month, one of CovertSwarm’s Hive members presented at the cybersecurity community, RedTeamRD, located in the Dominican Republic.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”  – Winston Churchill

Late last month, Dario Tejada, one of CovertSwarm’s Hive members, presented a talk at the cybersecurity community, RedTeamRD, located in the Dominican Republic.

Illustration 1: Community members

During this event and within a controlled environment, he showed how a malicious hacker is able to carry out several types of attacks, including:

  • Web enumeration
  • Password spraying and cracking encrypted passwords
  • Kerberos protocol attacks
  • Windows and active directory enumeration
  • Active directory privilege abuse

The aim of this type of demonstration is to make organizations aware of how attackers can use simple attacks to compromise their estates.

Illustration 2: Demonstration of Kerberos attacked called “Kerberoasting”

On the defensive side, and based on real world experience, Dario discussed measures that can be taken by blue teams to detect, block and mitigate several of these attacks.

One of the most important elements of CovertSwarm’s culture and values is “giving back to the cyber community.”

Our Swarm of ethical hackers are highly experienced in red teaming and adversary simulation and our purpose is to constantly compromise our customers.

What led many of our Swarm into the cyber industry? Presentations like this, a moment in their life where someone inspired and helped them to grow professionally. What’s the best way to keep this amazing community growing? Do the same with others.

Dario’s talk can be viewed on YouTube – please use the English caption settings if you need it translated.

About CovertSwarm

The team at CovertSwarm is driven by a single objective: to constantly compromise the security of our clients through the deep detection of blind spots within their cyber defenses and technology stacks before real threat actors are able to exploit them.

Our continuous client-focused cyber intelligence gathering, simulated attacks, clear vulnerability reporting, live ethical hacker interaction capability, and follow-up education services challenge the status quo of a cyber market in desperate need of modernization.

Organizations seeking higher degrees of cyber assurance and security confidence than those offered by ‘snapshot’ penetration testing and red team engagements are increasingly partnering with us.

They agree that ‘point-in-time’ testing is no longer enough to secure their organizations, and it is through this shared ethos that CovertSwarm challenges everything that has so far been considered to be ‘standard’ in today’s cyber vendor market.

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