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CovertSwarm launches Offensive Operations Centre

CovertSwarm is modernising the Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, and Bug Bounty industry with their challenger Constant Cyber Attack approach that is underpinned by the launch of their latest innovation: Offensive Operations Centre.

12 APRIL 2021 – London, UK – CovertSwarm, a provider of Constant Cyber Attack services that close the Cyber Risk Gap resulting from traditional offensive security approaches, today announced the launch of their Offensive Operations Centre (OOC). The OOC is a centralised, secure web portal that enables organisations to manage all aspects of their offensive cyber engagement with CovertSwarm; manage their delivery output; and control the target assets that CovertSwarm’s Hive of ethical hackers are attacking at any time.

Anders Reeves, CEO and Founder of CovertSwarm, commented “The market continues to gravitate towards the main problem that we solve; that traditional ‘point in time’ testing approaches are no longer enough. CovertSwarm exists to relentlessly compromise our clients through a continuum of cyber attacks that simulate the bespoke and targeted techniques of real-world threat actors. This enables our clients’ security maturity and defences to keep pace with modern rates of change and for them to outpace cyber threats. The release of the Offensive Operations Centre enables the next step in our journey, empowering clients to mature their offensive security operations.”

CovertSwarm’s challenger approach continues to gain pace and coverage for dozens of global brands, 1M web services and protecting software delivery to more than 20,000 education facilities. CovertSwarm’s service addresses the problem that so many organisations face with their ‘point in time’ and often ‘tick box’ Penetration Testing and Red Teaming approaches: Organisations are moving faster than ever before; releasing software, policy, and infrastructure changes at an increasing rate that legacy ‘snap shot’ cyber testing simply cannot cater for. The OOC is yet another tool in CovertSwarm’s arsenal that enables its customers to move quickly and outpace their cyber threats.

The CovertSwarm team has gained deep market intelligence, customer feedback and combined its findings into our OOC product offering – it’s amazing to have it finally out there in the market and already making a genuine difference to enterprise security.”, Mr. Reeves continued.

The Offensive Operations Centre is game changing and wraps core cyber technology, research and automation around CovertSwarm’s unique expert professional services delivery model. This enables their Swarm’s time to be constantly focused on finding their clients’ next point of compromise and ahead of real cyber threats.

About CovertSwarm

The team at CovertSwarm is driven by a single objective –

To constantly compromise the security of our clients through deep detection of blind spots within their cyber defences and technology stacks before real threat actors are able to exploit them.

Our continuous client-focused cyber intelligence gathering, simulated attack, clear vulnerability reporting, live ethical hacker interaction capability and follow-up education services challenge the status quo of a cyber market that is ripe and in need of modernisation.

Organisations seeking higher degrees of cyber assurance and security confidence than those offered by ‘snapshot’ penetration testing and red team engagements are increasingly partnering with us. They agree that ‘point in time’ testing is no longer enough to secure their organisations, and it is through this shared ethos that CovertSwarm challenges everything that is considered ‘standard’ in today’s cyber vendor market.