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Authentication Bypass/Instance Takeover Vulnerability via Zabbix Frontend – CVE-2022-23131

A vulnerability has been discovered within Zabbix front end which if configured with SAML could allow a remote unauthenticated attacker to exploit this issue in order to escalate privileges and gain admin access to Zabbix Frontend. To perform the attack, SAML authentication is required to be enabled and the actor has to know the username of Zabbix user (or use the guest account, which is disabled by default).

Affected Version

Zabbix 5.4.0 – 5.4.8, 6.0.0alpha1

Fixed Version

Zabbix 5.4.9rc2, 6.0.0beta1


To remediate this vulnerability, apply the updates listed in the ‘Fixed Version’ section to appropriate products or if an immediate update is not possible, follow the presented below workarounds.


Where immediate patching is not possible it is possible to remediation this issue by disabling SAML authentication. Please be aware of the side effects of disabling SAML before performing this action if you rely on SAML for authentication.