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Accelerate your cybersecurity posture with a CovertSwarm of security professionals

Consultancies running Penetration Tests and Red Team engagements operate an isolated, point-in-time and transactional approach to cyber delivery. With CovertSwarm you benefit from a collective approach to offensive engagement: Our ethical hackers working together to constantly compromise you whilst working to continuously raise your enterprise’s cyber security standards.

First and foremost, our approach is ethical.

• Using only expert ethical hackers, we focus on continually enhancing your cybersecurity posture;

• We improve the velocity and quality of your product cycle;

• We maintain pace with your fast moving business by simulating real-world, tailored cyber attacks, everyday.

The Penetration Testing and Red Team delivery you currently get will be point-in-time: the results out of date the moment they have been shared with you, and the knowledge gained within the consultancy you work with lost the moment they move onto their next project. You are also likely to have recognised a vast variance in the quality of each incrementally-procured cyber engagement. The relationship is overly transactional and you are left constantly struggling to articulate the value they deliver.

It feels like a necessary evil.

There is a fundamental problem with this traditional consultancy engagement model: It doesn’t put your security, that of the customer, at the forefront.

The collective knowledge of the consultancy team is not focused against you. Instead, their objective is to move from ad-hoc project to ad-hoc project (mass coverage across many clients) rather than focusing ever deepening efforts against you, or looking at your organisation as a whole, like real threat actors do.

The answer is a CovertSwarm-led approach to offensive security with ethical hackers forming a ‘hive’ to collaborate, collect and continually focus their efforts purely against breaching your organisation’s security defences.

The objective? To constantly compromise you whilst helping to remediate the vulnerabilities we identify before real world hackers are able to exploit them.

By constantly compromising the security of our clients they can:

Move Faster – traditional Penetration Testing and Red Team approaches can’t keep pace. Our hive-structure and client-dedicated ethical hackers means that we can;

Benefit from an attack approach that replicates real-world threats, such as those from Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and State-Sponsored Actors;

Focus on addressing their personalised Points of Compromise with us raising the alarm as to what they really need to fix – not confuse them with lists of issues and noise.

As our Swarm grows, and the number of clients we attack increases, the more ethical hackers we bring into our hive…resulting in you increasingly benefitting from their ever-deepening body of cyber know-how.

By design, and through stringent hiring policies, our knowledge pool is broader and deeper than traditional ‘testing’ consulting approaches; we can attack more frequently with more retained knowledge; and exist to purely compromise security defences using our collective knowledge against our entire client portfolio.

Sign up to CovertSwarm today and benefit from ever-increasing value and cyber assurance. Buy into a hive-led approach to cyber assurance delivery. We are the answer to the legacy cyber problem and we are rapidly modernising the approach to the delivery of effective security services.