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CovertSwarm 'Constant Cyber Attack'

A subscription-based solution delivering continuous, embedded adversarial security services and cyber insights:

  1. One, three or twelve month rolling engagements

  2. Continuous vulnerability research detection

  3. Simulated 'Red Team' cyber attacks

  4. YOU direct which assets we research and exploit 

  5. Cyber research dedicated to your technology stack

  6. ​Portal-based vulnerability reporting

  7. 24/7 threat alarms and alerting

  8. A direct line to our researchers


CovertSwarm's Red Team of ethical hackers use extensive skills and the latest cyber and social exploit techniques to expose your deep cyber risks before sinister adversaries do: allowing you to mitigate your real risks and avoid the noise (and misses) of traditional test approaches.

Our service has been designed by cyber leaders with the experience, real-world cyber scars and people skills to ensure deep and trusting collaboration with your inside-team. This is maintained whilst being fully independent and capable of delivering cyber research and attack on a continuous and integrated basis.

Our approach is ethical and focused on continually enhancing your cyber security whilst improving the velocity and quality of your product cycle.

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