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The Importance of Penetration Testing

Accelerating commercial competitive advantage

Penetration Testing is a critical component of any organisation’s security control set. It helps to answer – through testing and validation – whether or not an organisation’s employed security controls are effective in their defence against cyber attack.

A Penetration Test, or ‘Pen Test’, is a simulated cyber attack that is performed against an organisation’s IT network, web applications and technology systems by an individual or team of security specialists whose engagement is designed to validate the security of these targets (usually defined as a ‘scope’ for testing) by them seeking underlying cyber vulnerabilities within them.

Successful organisations employ and nurture people who are passionate about what they do and have a clear sense of purpose as to why they do it. Competitive organisations also employ rigorous processes that are underpinned and enabled by complex and continually-evolving technology systems.

Their continual investment into these core technology systems - via development, maintenance and security - is considerable. The value extracted from the gains made in enhanced agility, availability and security should always exceed any investment costs, with the true outcome expectation for most businesses being traditionally targeted towards accelerating the business away from its competitors and widening its competitive advantage.

Whilst this focus on competitive gain is necessary, the growing need to test, validate and tighten the cyber security of an organisation’s technology lifeblood is increasingly something that they are turning their attention toward.

Traditional, ‘point in time’ penetration testing was once the answer to this problem.

However, times have changed. Significantly.

An increasingly hostile cyber threat landscape continues to develop online, and with high-profile breaches being reported weekly in the global press, cyber security is no longer a ‘tick box’ exercise but a necessary contributor to any organisation’s drive to maintain a competitive edge and long-term sustainability.

Genuine threats to business exist everywhere: online in the cyber world, these threats seek access to exfiltrate commercial data and intellectual property. They strive for control - a breach that relinquishes control to threat actors is always devastating and can critically impact everything that a business has built, not least its value.

In the face of such cyber adversity, modern penetration testing is required. A modern approach such as that delivered exclusively within CovertSwarm’s Constant Cyber Attack service, and is a key mechanism to helping organisations continually identify their cyber vulnerabilities and where competitive edge may be eroding.

CovertSwarm’s continual, targeted cyber ‘attacks’ against our client’s technology estates drives high levels of team, leadership and investor assurance and education, whilst providing enhanced value compared to legacy ‘point in time’ pen test practices. Through our ethical hacker’s relentless drive to help our clients avoid previously undetected cyber risks within their technology estate, we super-charge competitive advantage through our promotion of enhanced software delivery quality; ‘noise free’ cyber reporting and avoid the cyber risk gap left between more traditional ‘occasional’ testing approaches.

This is why CovertSwarm’s modern approach to penetration testing is now a key part of a number of enterprise’s security controls: we support assurance and insight gains whilst enabling businesses to have confidence that their competitive advantage is not being undermined by poor technology cyber governance and controls.

CovertSwarm’s Constant Cyber Attack service modernises penetration testing, red teaming and bug bounty security controls through a continuous, blended, ethical-hacker led approach. We reduce the noise and uncertainty typical of legacy pen test methodologies and drive enhanced value, competitive advantage and cyber education for all our clients.

Step away from legacy, ‘point in time’ penetration tests and speak to us about CovertSwarm’s Constant Cyber Attack service – prove your technology investment is having the impact you expect by securing your organisation and its competitive edge. Every day.

To learn more about CovertSwarm’s unique approach to modern Cybersecurity As a Service, and how we can enhance your business’ competitive advantage, speak to one of our team today.

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