We are passionate about constantly compromising client security


Every action we take achieves this by brilliant team members driving a continuum of offensive security operations that deliver focused research, development, attacks and value.


Service excellence fanatics


We sleep well at night knowing that we each deliver an exceptional service to our clients that continually elevates their security assurance and maturity levels.


We are Radically Candid

We care personally and challenge directly. We are always open in our interactions. Our people are everything, we always do the right thing, and we support each other, always.


Stronger together

We enjoy working hard and driving towards collective growth, not personal gain. When our Hives grow, we all grow individually and professionally. We welcome team players, not egos.


Avoid 'Group Think’


We debate and challenge each other to avoid a ‘group think’ mentality. Data and experience drive our decision making. We strive for the right answers that are in-line with our values. Once a decision is made, we commit and move in the same direction together.


Infinite mindset

We continually build, evolve and grow CovertSwarm. We are never done.


Time > Money

Utilise technology to maximise your most valuable asset: your time. Automate wherever possible.


We will never allow ourselves to become dinosaurs

We read, study, listen, present, teach and give back to the cyber community from which we all draw and benefit.

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