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Constant cyber attack via subscription

For a simple monthly fee, our dedicated team of ethical hackers will constantly attack the full scope of your brand using digital, physical and social methods.

And when we find a way to breach your organization, we’ll raise the alarm before a real threat succeeds.

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Just as your security defenses must evolve to keep pace with organizational change, so must your approach to cyber attack.

With most security breaches occurring many days prior to detection, effective simulated assaults must be constant. It’s the only way to counteract an APT and avoid zero-day exploits.

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No patch for human error

It’s not just your systems and applications which are susceptible to threat. Your people are too. Staff members are one of the most common breach points for successful cyber attacks.

That’s why, thinking beyond the digital, we’ll seek to exploit previous unexplored weaknesses in your physical and social environments too.

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The collective hive mind of our Swarm of ethical hackers is incorporated into our unique Offensive Operations Center platform which can, in real time, direct our Swarm to any suspected weak areas of your business. It’s what enables us to put the ‘constant’ into ‘Constant Cyber Attack’.

For you, a subscription will deliver significant value via long-term insights and instant access to our groundbreaking platform, backed by our team of ethical hackers who are all fully employed by us.

“We are really happy with CovertSwarm as our external RED team.”

COO & Co-founder, IT services and consulting company

Red team as a service

Custom price

Our flagship continuous service. Designed for organizations with established penetration testing and red teaming programs wanting to simulate real-world cyber attacks to close their cyber risk gap.

This ‘Constant Cyber Attack’ package includes:

  • Context-aware testing
  • Co-curated ‘Attack Plans’
  • Unlimited, scalable cyber attacks
  • Access to the complete range of CovertSwarm ethical hacker skillsets
  • Dedicated Account Management via a senior CovertSwarm ethical hacker
  • Full Offensive Operations Center access including ‘Direct the Swarm’ real-time direction capabilities
  • Automated Attack Surface Management
  • Complete-brand targeting – no ‘limited scopes’
  • Tech, staff, process, and physical location testing
  • Road-map aligned, ‘open book’ approach
  • Deep-dive R&D tailored to your tech stack
  • Client team debriefing, education workshops, and remediation advisory services
  • Constant Slack access to our Swarm
  • JIRA Integration

One-off engagement

From £1,500/$1,800 PER DAY

Ad-hoc and regulatory penetration test or one-time red team engagement by our expert ethical hackers, suitable for fixed-outcome requirements and scoped tests, which can be fully adapted to diverse needs.

The package includes:

  • ‘Scoped’ cyber attack – sized to your requirements
  • Direct access to a CovertSwarm ethical hacker
  • Slack integration for ‘live chat’ throughout our engagement
  • 30-day access to our Offensive Operations Center
  • Full vulnerability reporting & remediation management
  • External attack surface mapping
  • Phishing, Ransomware simulation, and Infrastructure and Web Application Testing
  • Traditional penetration test report output

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